Frequently asked questions

  • Why Certus?

    Vjačeslavs Dombrovskis, the Chairman of the Certus Board, focused on economic development issues in both his academic work and political career and Certus’ agenda was developed and shaped by these experiences.
    The neoliberal Washington Concensus, which allows for maximum market self regulation with minimal state interference, has run its course. Each state is unique and copying other European states’ economic policies is not a solution.
    Certus, an independent think tank, aims to elaborate, discuss and implement sustainable long term solutions for Latvia’s economic growth.

  • Does Certus have a dialogue with policy-makers?

    Certus brings together professionals from academia, entrepreneurship and public adminsitration. Certus’ recommendations are based on qualitative data, objective analysis and rational reasoning. Certus’ recommendations are concrete, actionable and, together with our partners, we actively work on promoting their implementation.

  • What is Certus’ expertise?

    Certus focuses on Latvia’s competitiveness by focusing on different sectors of the economy – from pharmaceuticals and wood processing to higher education and tourism – and defines key economic challenges, presents a vision of development and develops strategic partnerships.

  • Is Certus politically independent?

    Certus is the first think tank in Latvia to have been established with 100% private funding. It is independent of any political parties and has no political agenda.

  • Who founded Certus?

    Certus was founded by entrepeneurs, executives and the owners of Latvian businesses as well as scholars, researchers and representatives from NGOs and business associations.