Certus is a public policy think tank focused on growing Latvia’s economy

Latvia needs to focus on improving the competitiveness of national industries.

Continuing along the current path of moderate economic growth, Latvia will never converge with the European Union average level of prosperity.  People will continue to emigrate in search of a better life, whilst those that remain will bear an ever increasing social and economic burden. Only sustained economic growth can bring Latvia out of this negative cycle.

This can be achieved with a united effort.  Certus think tank will develop and advocate policies that are based on a constructive dialogue that brings together the knowledge and experience of academic researchers and both the private and public sectors. These policies will push Latvia towards economic growth by balancing liberal market economy principles with considered and focused state support.

Certus is the first think tank in Latvia to be 100% privately funded and includes representatives of all leading sectors of the Latvian economy – pharmaceuticals, ICT, timber, finance, and agriculture amongst others.


Economic growth will reduce poverty, improve healthcare and education as well as reversing Latvia’s negative demographic trend. Certus provides a platform for strategic co-operation between the academic, private and public sectors to generate ideas and policies to drive this growth.


Latvia should reach 90% of the average EU GDP per capita by 2025.

Certus (Latin) – Certain, strong, determined.