Discussion: Latvia 2022. Global disruptors. Challenges for Latvia.

National Library of Latvia, Floor 11, Mūkusalas street 3, Riga, 04 December, 2017
Demography, technological revolution, democratic recession, global warming, and environmental changes – these are the most critical global disruptors. Will these reach Latvia and when will that happen?

More than 20 experts of various fields came together this summer invited by the CERTUS to identify main challenges for Latvia. On December 4, the results of these round-table discussions will be presented. Participants will be invited to discuss on how the government could deal with these challenges.

The political brief will be presented by Dr. Daunis Auers, research director of CERTUS, the discussion will be moderated by Dr. Vjaceslavs Dombrovskis, director of CERTUS.

Participants of the panel discussion:

- Ivars Ījabs, University of Latvia

- Ingrīda Blūma, NGO Iespējamā misija (Mission Possible)

- Arnis Kaktiņš, SKDS

- Vismands Menjoks, ApplyIT